How to Write Service Descriptions & Convert Them Into Sales

Learn these simple writing tips on how to write service description, that boosts your sales.

How to Write Service Descriptions & Convert Them Into Sales

Learn these simple writing tips on how to write service description, that boosts your sales.

Amazing service description is an excellent way to increase customer retention and sales.

Following a few simple steps makes it easy to create an engaging copy.

Why is product content an integral part of your site? It explains what you offer, how it is used, and what your consumers will get from it. When you sell a service, a form of service description should be even more explanatory.

It may look as the simplest but the best formula to increase your sales and drive company growth. Writing a powerful description page can be the key to your SEO-optinmization, building customer relations and company trust.

Before making the final purchase decision, a potential customer will go through several pages of your website. Given the small retention span of the buyer, it is necessary to offer them the information they desire in a simple yet effective manner.

Service descriptions: what are they for?

A good service description increases the client’s purchase desire. It must address consumers’ concerns and explain the benefits, features, and available options. The customer’s pain should be clearly defined and associated with the need for service. The general knowledge about your service should transform into a more masterful level of expertise for your potential customer. It will increase your audience’s trust in you and turn many of them into your clients.

How to write descriptions of services?

Your job as a business owner is to connect with a customer in a way that clicks their mind. Here is the process we adhere to in Twiyo content writing service for creating fantastic descriptions of products and services that are likely to perform in SERPs and convert consumers who visit your pages.

Acknowledge your customer’s pain point

How to understand the problem your customers are facing? What will your service do to help them? Speak with them using words such as ‘You” and ‘Your.’ A spectacular pitch can quickly address the users’ problems.

There are a few ways that you can identify your customer’s pain point:

Review competitors

Look at reviews of similar products or services. What problems do customers consistently mention? This will give you an idea of what people are struggling with and how your service can help them overcome those challenges.

Ask for feedback

Ask your existing customers about their experience when using your product or service. Their reviews can be precious in identifying strong areas and those that should be improved.

Make a quiz

Discover some fundamental problems that your clients face through 4-5 simple questions. When you get the answer, it is intuitive to mention all the issues in your service description text.

Focus on the target audience

The first thing you have to do before writing a service description is to research your target audience–people that are more likely to order your services. If, for example, you are offering an iPhone repair service, your target audience will be people who own iPhones. After identifying your target audience, the next step will be gathering information about them related to your offering. Your task will be to define what your audience needs, the most frequent problems it faces, and what solutions you can offer to solve these problems. Once you find this information, you can frame your service description in a way that relates to your target audience.

Define how your service can help the client

Your homepage is a prominent place for your mission that tells people what promise and purpose your business serves are. The same message should also be present on your service page. A brief statement that tells people what drives you as a company at the beginning of your service page can remind them what your mission is and help them connect with your company. It is an excellent way to show them you know about your business responsibilities. Be concise and confident, and, what is more important, provide proofs to back up your claims, so that customers know that there’s more to your brand than a sales transaction.

Use feature & benefit writing

Write a detailed list of features your service offers and translate them into benefits. For example, if your service provides a text-to-speech quality for blogs, then explain how adding a listen to the article section will help people with reading disabilities.

In simple words, display your offerings so that customers can easily understand how they can benefit their lives.

Conduct a SERP analysis

SERP or Search Engine Results Page involves going through the top websites and scanning their approach to SEO ranking. It will show you the importance of specific keywords and the associated difficulty in ranking at the top. The most important thing you have to do to conduct a SERP analysis is to check your competitors. Search your keywords and look at the pages in the top three spots. How do they look? What are they offering? What makes them unique? And the fundamental question: what do they do so that their website is in the first position on Google? Every page Google promotes on page one is there for a reason. Therefore, you have to conduct a detailed analysis of the top-ranking pages and find strong sides you may use to create informative, useful, and audience-oriented service descriptions.

Determine your format

After you are done and dusted with the SEO research, you can start playing with the format that can help out in the search results. Your primary goals here will be to understand your audience’s needs and develop a writing structure that will look well and be pleasant to read. Implement images or videos for better customer engagement. It will also ensure that they will be more likely to remember your message when making a purchase. Therefore, you need to incorporate various media formats by:

  • Explaining services using videos and infographics
  • Using images or photos of services showing them in action
  • Integrating customer testimonials to back up your claims

Please Googlebot with SEO and unique content

Your copy needs to be optimized for SEO. While addressing the audience on your website, your service description needs to appeal to search engines like Google too. Therefore, your task here will be to determine which keywords are the most important for your potential customers searching for your service so that Google can rank your website higher in the results than the competitives’ webpages.

Your job as a service provider is to fill your content with relevant keywords so that these prospective buyers land on your webpage. Always track your SEO efforts to look for improvements and possible adjustments.

Avoid jargon and internal terminology

Complex terminologies will only create more suffering for you and your customers. Therefore, use simple words that let your viewers understand the service within seconds. Get a good understanding of what users write down in search engines to get a solution to their problems. Use the exact words and keep things simple.

Provide definitions of complex terms that may be unfamiliar to your customer. Ask your clients for any clarification regarding service features and options. That is a tremendous way to engage, receive feedback and make the first step into communication with your potential customer. Also, it presents that your business is client-oriented from the very first page–your service description.

Format your content for a pleasant and easy reading

People have a brief attention span. If your landing page is a big block of text without proper headings, subheadings and paragraphs, expect a considerable bounce rate. If you are reading this post, you may have noticed how well-structured the overall content is and how easy it is to find the necessary information. Use bullet points or short paragraphs to break up the text and make it easier on the eyes. Be sure to proofread your work before publishing it, as errors can be off-putting for readers.

Diversify your text with images and/or videos

Do you know that there is something more powerful than words? Visual information is more likely to hold out than plain text. Combine images and videos in your text to increase the customer retention rate. Infographics can also help efficiently deliver your desired content.

Images and videos should be quickly to load, as, according to LinkedIn, nearly 40% of the viewers will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The short time spent on your website tells Google bots that visitors are not interested in your content, leading to poor ranking on SERPs.

Use “power words”

Copywriters use so-called “power words” to trigger a psychological or emotional response from humans. For marketers, powerful words are one of the main tools that help make people curious and intrigued and convince them to take a leap and take a specific action on their website.

According to Shopify, power words are the quickest and easiest way to increase conversion rates. Why? While visiting your website, people are searching for a quick, easy and accessible solution to their problem. So, when your company is offering a specific service or several services, your goal is to demonstrate to your potential customer how your service can help, why it is good, and what results they can expect from it. Using the power words, for example, “you,” “good,” “imagine,” and “because,” can provide a high effect on your customers:

  • The word “you” – capitalizes on the self-centered nature that everyone has, making things personal and stimulating our self-interest.
  • The word “good” – explains what is exceptional in the service you offer and why people need to use it.
  • The word “imagine” creates a visual perception, allowing readers to understand how your company’s service works and what benefit they can get from it.
  • The word “because” – answers what people are willing to know; the why of something.

Don’t include too much on your service page

Be direct in what your service has to offer. Do not put in content that misleads your user or wastes their time. For example, a customer visits your service to get an answer to their hair fall solution. Instead of ramming on the possible causes, provide a direct conclusion. Mention that you offer hair fall solution ideas services and explain your prospective customer how they can benefit from it.

Explain the value of the service you offer to customers

Take the time to understand what the customer needs and wants. Be clear about your services and what benefits customers can expect from using them. Tailor your services accordingly and offer them something they will find truly valuable.

Consumers need to know exactly what they’re getting for their money, so make sure there are no surprises later on down the line!

Create one page per service

Do you bombard your consumers with content on the main page? Listing your service descriptions on a single page will trigger the “Don’t include too much on your service page” we discussed. It’ll make things messier and more challenging to comprehend.

Creating a new webpage will require a bit of effort. However, this can work well in the long term. Think on a user level. How frustrated would you be when scrolling down if you display multiple services on a single page? You may have to go through chunks of useless text that no one wants.

Use call-to-action instead or the “click here” button

The “click here” button has a poor click-through rate and is generally outdated. Would you click a button if it mentions “Click here” or “Try it free”? If you consider the second option, congratulations; you get the idea of using proper call-to-action or CTA.

Stunning CTAs will not leave your customer hanging while convincing them to take action sooner. Some other examples of good CTAs include “Contact us”, “Get a quote”, “Buy now”, “Download now”, or some thinner guidelines inbuilt into description writing.

Include customer reviews as a proof

Which service would you choose? One with good customer reviews or the other with sloppy or no feedback? Add user testimonials at the bottom of the page just before a CTA. If your service is mentioned on popular platforms or news websites, then mention it upfront. Consumers are more likely to order your service if they find it is associated with a leading brand.

Use a proper structure while showing customer reviews. Display them in a neat format and mention consumer names after taking adequate consent.

Proofread before publishing

Go through your content for any mistakes or errors. Scan the points we have discussed above and ensure to follow each. Building a service page is like creating a house. Once the construction is complete, you can decorate it according to your liking.

Test out the performance of your CTAs and content by attaching heat maps plugins. This will show up in the website areas where the retention rate is poor or the bounce rate is high. Continuous testing allows you to compile and analyze the data and use it for future refining.


A good description of service can go a long way in determining the success of your brand or company. The steps to produce the best company descriptions that converts are simple. If you are still unsure of the writing service descriptions, hire an appropriate agency or writer to create some fantastic copies. The risk-reward in this scenario is in your favor by a significant margin.

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