Why You Should Not Start Writing Career in 2023

No one tells you about these challenges of content writing career.

Hi, everyone! I’m Yevhen and I’m working as a writer and SEO content manager for more than four years. I’ve started as a financial report freelance writer on upwork, then switched to financial journalism in one of Ukrainian media outlets and later continued my career in SEO content management. At this point I’ve already realised, that writing craft is my passion. It ended me up as a 30 people content team lead with content production of nearly one million words per month and multiple projects popping in the google top 10 in pretty competitive niches. [Read More]

6 Explicit Benefits of Starting a Blog for Your Business Right Now

What are the most compelling benefits of starting a blog, and why your company should do it now? Find out how a blog can help your business grow and succeed.

Can your business benefit from posting blog articles? To write or not to write is a cornerstone for companies willing to start a blog. Let`s figure out if the blog can directly impact sales, how to start one, run it and make it good from the first post. Why should a company have a blog? Let’s jump straight to the purposes of a company blog that directly affects your business. Or do you need a warm-up with some intro? [Read More]

How to Make Your Written Content Go Viral Through "Word-of-mouth" Advertising?

Wonder how to create some viral written content? Learn some vital steps you should follow, to expand audience reach naturally.

So, how many views is viral? There is no clear answer. It all depends on your usual number of views, likes, shares, and other social media activities for a post. If your regular post reaches 1000 people on the internet, then getting 10 000 viewers and more in a short span means that your publication went viral and was spread faster than usual in a more expansive way. How to write a viral post for blog The resonance depends on various factors, the subject matter, the content's quality, its release's timing, and the audience it reaches. [Read More]

How to Write Service Descriptions & Convert Them Into Sales

Learn these simple writing tips on how to write service description, that boosts your sales.

Amazing service description is an excellent way to increase customer retention and sales. Following a few simple steps makes it easy to create an engaging copy. Why is product content an integral part of your site? It explains what you offer, how it is used, and what your consumers will get from it. When you sell a service, a form of service description should be even more explanatory. It may look as the simplest but the best formula to increase your sales and drive company growth. [Read More]